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Channel Fireball

Nov 15, 2019

Martin and the team played Oko at the Mythic Championship, and his report today breaks down how to fight the all-important Food mirrors moving forward.


Nov 13, 2019

Rakdos Sacrifice is one of the best decks in Standard at taking on the Food decks, and today Frank has a complete guide complete with sideboarding notes!


Nov 12, 2019

Andrea has been busy with Standard, but that hasn’t stopped him from playing his favorites in Pauper and Pioneer, which he shares with you today!



Nov 8, 2019

With Astrolabe gone, Midrange decks have been crowned the monarch of Pauper. But what midrange deck is best? Brian breaks down Boros Monarch and provides an update to his Mono-Black deck.


Nov 7, 2019

Brian is excited to brew in Pioneer, and he’s scouring sets to find sleepers. So what Core Sets were legal in Pioneer, and what do they hold for the format?